About Say No to the Quo

I suppose the idea for this site has been bouncing around in my head for about a year now; however, as a teacher we often have to put personal projects on the back burner due to time constraints. This was indeed one such project.

While it is impossible to know the exact moment “Say No to the Quo” entered into my mind, I know it was simply a hashtag I applied when I re-tweeted a post by Danny Steele, a principal from Alabama. The details of the post have long past from memory, but my enthusiasm for it was because it was challenging teachers to reject the mantras of the past and forge new ideas to excite students and bring them the best in learning.

I remember thinking, “Yep, we have to reject the status quo!” And in that moment, I simply pressed the re-tweet button and typed #SayNototheQuo. This simple phrase became the way I began to approach my planning, my classroom, and my coworkers each and every day.

Recent events in our schools, our nation, and indeed our world, have made this phrase more and more relevant and important to me as time has gone by, and the noise it has made inside of my head has grown so cacophonous … well, I need an outlet for what it has produced; hence, this blog.

It is my hope that Say No to the Quo will help me organize my own thoughts so I can be more of a leader than a follower where the needs of my students are concerned, and in some small way, I hope it becomes an infectious idea in the education community! Not for my sake or my benefit, but rather for all those young minds which are in front of us all each and every day … just waiting for us to do one thing which will allow them to see the world in a new way, to become inspired, and become the champions of a new, happier, and peaceful world.

So, “Say No to the Quo” and when you do post it, hashtag it, and help all teachers rise above the mediocrity which sullies our noble profession!